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Pride Amsterdam 2023

Exhibition “Take A Stance ”, Marloes Roskam and Jasper Groen

W Amsterdam celebrates Pride


I started this trio of paintings as a way to celebrate queer love. I wanted not necessarily to convey a message, but simply to celebrate being gay, being lesbian, being non-binary. Instead of focusing on how hard it is to be gay, I wanted to focus how beautiful it is.

Lesbian Pride

“For such a long time I didn’t fit the lesbian stereotype and assumed that wasn’t who I am. Now there is space for me to be myself and be lesbian. What a lesbian looks like isn’t just one picture anymore, it is whatever you want it to look like.” -Julia Gazenbeek

(Photo on the left by Jasper Groen)



“I think what people need to realize is that, with trans people, we're like everybody else. No group of people are all the same. All women are not the same, all men are not the same, all children are not the same. It's the same thing with trans people - we're all so different, we have different goals, different dreams, and different aspirations.” -Jamie Clayton

(Photo's on the right by Jasper Groen)

Non-binary Pride

“I have never felt connected to being a ‘girl’ or ‘woman’ but didn’t feel like a ‘boy’ or ‘man’ either. Being agender is something that simply just fits me. I look entirely different than before this discovery. The ‘me’ I see in the mirror is so different than what I was used to and I never felt better.”

-Linda Heeringa

Asexual Pride

“Not many people know what asexuality means, I often don’t think it’s important, so I don’t tell many people I’m ace anyway. But within my community and with my friends I feel understood and respected.”

-Laura Corino

(Photo in the middle by Jasper Groen)

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