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About me

Marloes Roskam (15 November 1996) graduated Illustration Design at ArtEZ University of the Arts in Zwolle, The Netherlands (2020). Successfully followed one semester during Spring of 2019, at Korea National University of Arts in Seoul, South-Korea. Fine Arts department. 

​As you can see from my work I choose to work with a variety of colours, however, my palette is made up of pastel-like colours. After a couple of years studying art, I found my best work comes when I don’t think too much about what I am going to make. I simply follow my instincts. With this method of approach, I always start with one medium, but I am entirely free to pick and choose different kinds of mediums to use in my work. The difference in textures is what makes it exciting for me. The delicate detail of a pencil drawing and the boldness of streaks of paint with a palette knife make a beautifully strong contrast. 

With the question "What do I want to achieve with my work?" in mind. I want to create a space or opportunity for people to talk about certain personal issues. Make people aware of certain things that have been normalized in our society which aren't always appreciated. 

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Projects and Interviews 

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My Etsy Store: Bittersweetravenart

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